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Spring Break

Ah, summer is over and spring is upon us!  Daffodils by the front porch accenting the new red leaves on the roses.  Pink and purple hyacinths stand tall in front of the yard saying look here, the roses are getting new leaves and the columbines are greening up again!  Peony sprouts are popping up to show they are getting ready to perform and the tulips are doing their typical, big leaves with no flowers except on one.  Off the carport the fresh fan like leaves of the lily’s grab your eye and the shop is accented with first time red, blue and white anemones and crying out please don’t step on me!

Kids are out of school for the week and we went to see family.  Lots of visiting, kids playing in snow and good food.  Watched my mom get baptized as well. 🙂 Eric got in a fender bender when we were up their but the van was in the shop to get fixed the day after we got back and I’ve got a Mazda 6 to drive for now.  Today is a lazy day and I have yet to decide whether or not to get dressed.  Probably should since I have to venture out of the house to take Luke to track practice.

I am dying to work in my garden but i still haven’t gotten it tilled up so I’m getting nervous that I will have to plant in my flower bed again.  This year I have about 10 things to plant and I need to get some of my seeds started inside soon-peas!  If I can’t get my husband to borrow the rototiller I will have to plant in my flower bed again.  I would dig out the area by hand but it is extremely compacted and I need to till down about 8 inches and mix my compost in to sweeten up the soil!




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When Life Comes at You…

Our family had a great Christmas and New Year and then it happened.  Our perfect little bubble popped.  Monday, the washer just died.  Not only did it die but it died when it was full of water and jeans.  Not the easiest thing to wring out.  Oh-ya, it was also what I call my Power Laundry Day!  What to do?  Planning on buying a new washer and drier set with taxes but not enough money for that now.  We call around and find two rental centers that will rent a washer short term (one month minimum).   We go with the one that is nearly $20 cheaper but he can’t get it delivered till the end of the week so I bag everything up and head to the laundry mat.  It costs $20. for me to wash everything and dry just the comforter.  I bring it all home in bags and start drying.  Also, that morning I had put my daughter in the bath and discoverd a wierd rash on her shoulders.  I called the Pediatrician because of the strange appearance of it and get advised to use her steroid creme on it that we have for when her eczema gets really bad.

Tuesday, I look at my daughters rash and call the pediatrician because the creme has not only not helped but it has spread like wildfire and severely itchy.  Anti-itch medicine and gloves (so she can’t break the skin) are required now.  We get her in that afternoon and the staff is intrigued by it.  Amazed by how much it has spread (I love having a camera built into my phone).  Pediatrician says she suspects Staph infection and lets start her on Benadryl and Antibiotics. Also says if I can’t get the prescription picked up and started that night she will have to give her a shot to get her started. She also says to keep the pictures in case we need them.   To avoid the shot I headed to Walmart to get milk, bread and the prescriptions.  We finally got home after the pharmacist marked it as critical so that we wouldn’t have to wait any longer (God bless her) at 7:45 pm.  Liberty strarted her medicine, ate a LATE dinner and went to bed.

Wednesday, the rash looks lighter in a few spots but is still spreading.  The pediatrician wants to see definite improvement, not seeing it so adds another antibiotic to the regimin.  We are now at this routine: Breakfast and dinner chew tablet and eat, half hour later take liquid and drink lots of water; every 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock benadry; anti-itch creme as needed and eczema creme where gloves  are irritating her skin and causing exzema to flair up.

Thursday, rash looks lighter in a few spots and same in other spots.  Still swollen and raised and hard to see improvement.  CBC at hospital and Liberty does better than expected.  Fever shows up, low grade but still a fever.  We treat when it hits 100.2

Friday, fever is gone, rash looks like it’s getting better.  We just figured on it happening quicker with the serious amount of antibiotics she has flowing through her.  Diarrhea starts (still no washer and now desperate for one).  Pediatrrician says white blood cells are low (expected) but that’s it.  Continue on regimin through the weekend.

Saturday, we get a washer delivered (yay) and Sunday Greenbay lost (boo).

Monday, I just called the pediatrician and left a message.  Liberty’s rash looks much better, but I worry about dehydration due to how bad her diarrhea is.  Also, because it was suspected as a staph infection she has to have a Dr.’s note to go back to school.

So, my coping with this is cleaning so off a’cleaning I go….