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Babies, sickness, garden and geekiness

Baby?  Nope, no grand baby yet…  I am happy for the reason that we can’t get there till next week but saddened for her because I know how it feels to want to hold the baby in your arms for the first time.  The Lord will make that call and he will choose the right date and time, so breath and have faith.

Sickness has been running through my house (fevers, runny noses, sore throats, nasty coughs and headaches).  It has bit everyone square on the rumpus but me!  Why you ask?  Flu shots?  Well to be honest, I got one along with the three kids, not the hubby though. So since he and all kids got the sick bug and I didn’t I can’t say that the flu shot really had anything to do with it.  What did I do different you may ask, so here’s the answer: Be pro-active to not let the nasty little bugger bite me.  I started drinking Echinacea tea the minute the first child showed signs of a bug.  ALC drops in everything liquid I ingested and Herb Shop‘s Second V Blend in two candle diffuser’s from when I get up to when I go to bed.  As well  I only let the kids kiss my cheeks and  I wash hands like crazy.  I did even sleep on the couch one night when my beloved hubby had a fever.  The next night I didn’t and I woke up with a fevered hubby breathing straight into my face from about six inches away and I still never got sick!  I believe the ALC drops helped dramatically reduce the time of everyone being sick.  I put it in everything they drink and even the soup.

My garden for this year is under work.  I have procured some new seeds through trading and freebies.  I have also been able to help others get what they need.  My favorite websites for trading seeds are: Heirloom Seed  Swap and the National Home Gardening Club (you have to be a member though).  If you know of any others please let me know.  I am always looking for a way to pass on seeds I won’t be using.

I have been doing tons of garden prep work on the computer the last few weeks too.  I am working on a database to track seeds, when to plant and harvest, etc.  I must say I was feeling pretty confident with myself making drop down lists, array tables, IF formula’s etc… and then I got stuck, I mean, seriously stuck, and obsessed. I decided after dreaming about the ‘right formula’ a few times that didn’t work I better consult the pros. So it is with a guy at Mr. Excel right now so they can figure out a code for me that I just can’t get figured out.  Geeky but fun I must say.

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