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Tomatoes and pumpkins!

Pumpkin puree, roasted seeds and canned tomatoes!

What a week!  Husband and oldest son are still gone and my-oh-my I did it!  I canned tomatoes by myself!  Yep, it was my first time to can all by myself and my first time to can tomatoes (only done fruit up till now).  I didn’t have much but they are the tomatoes that I grew in my flower bed and it yielded about two quart jars of tomatoes! That is still a success in my book.

I also, made pumpkin puree from the pumpkins that I was able to save from carving into over Halloween.  I have learned that there is reccomended varieties for cooking with and only one of the three were ther right kind but I pureed all three anyways.  I will let you all know how it tastes when I use it (it’s in the freezer now).  I won’t be using if for pie because I couldn’t get a totally smooth puree out of it – I really Need (ok, want) a food processor!!!!!

I must tell you that one along with stretching our food budget, we are eating healthier and wasting less.  Every part of the tomatos and pumpkin that wasn’t edible went into the compost pile to help next years garden.  Circle of vegetable life is what I call it (smile).

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The trials of mom-hood, tomatoes, peppers and deer

First off, we are truly blessed.  A friend of ours filled his deer tag and then gave us the deer.  Then my husband filled his tag with a good sized deer.  Linda came over and we did the butchering, grinding and wrapping for all of it ourselves so that none would go to waste.  Lucas unfortunately did not get his deer this year.  Elk season is about to start and my husband and Lucas are going to head out for 6 days and 5 nights to go get some meat for us.  Eric has his elk, bear and cougar (we would not eat that) tag.  Lucas has his bear and cougar (still wouldn’t eat it) tag.  They will be camping with around 6 other family members but it is cold and they expect snow!  I am proud of the man and child for doing this to supply food for our family but I am not blind and also know that they love this kind of stuff and would hunt anything they could get a tag for even if they had to give up all the meat.

Tomatoes reddening up
Peppers drying in the window!

The frost came a ways back so I have a basket in my kitchen with lots of green and now red tomatoes.  I also have a window decorated with a string of peppers that are drying for later use.









Also, just to let everyone know kids have been keeping me on the run:

Oct. 25- Wake up Lucas to find he has poison oak on his face.  I call the Dr. and she says “poison oak on face or groin must be seen.”  We go in and he goes on Steroids for 4 days since he can’t use the regular topical cream around his eye.

Nov. 4- I call the Dr. to see about getting Liberty checked out.  I suspect a UTI or something of that nature due to the constant accidents and the inability to ‘hold it’.  We go in and she has an accident in the waiting room and soaks everything below her waist including the floor.  No, I have no extra pants, (she has wet them all and they are at home in the dryer).  So we get a diaper to put on her and bag for all her wet stuff.  Couldn’t get a cup or her to the bathroom in time to get a urine sample.  So now she can’t go and they need a sample.  The staff puts a U-bag on her which is like a baggy with a sticky top that goes around your nether region so that it will catch your urine.   Four trips to the bathroom so she can go and no results the Dr. checks the bag and sees a few drops so she takes it for a dip test thing.  She says a sizable sample would be nice but not necessary and she goes to run the test on the few precious drops of urine.  Then Liberty finally has to go and wa-la she really goes, and in the toilet.  We get a sizable sample and the Dr. says she definetly has a UTI or something so she puts Liberty on Sulfa for 10 days and will send her sample to the lab for further testing.

Nov. 8- Lucas comes home from school saying he was playing and when he fell another kid did too and landed on Lucas’s chest with his knee and it hurts.  No sign of bruising and no cracking or popping sound so we do the ‘wait and see’ routine.  Nov. 9- Lucas wakes up and says his chest hurts really bad and it hurts when he takes a deep breath.  We go to the Dr. to make sure he didn’t do anything significant to himself.  I get a lesson in anatomy: ribs around the sternum are mostly cartilage and they connect to the sternum with little joints.  That makes a chest a bit more flexible and Lucas age is when the chest has the most give.  Needless to say my son bruised the joints around his sternum.- Boys.

Nov. 10- Eric wakes me up at 5:30 this morning to tell me that Gavin just got vomited.   (Sigh) ok is my response.  Gavin is sleeping in his bed so I go back to sleep until he crawls in my bed at 6:00 and then throws up in my bed (sigh again).  We are all up now.  Get the kids off to school and Gavin is still on the couch trying to keep crackers and toast down and not succeeding very well.