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Spring Break

Ah, summer is over and spring is upon us!  Daffodils by the front porch accenting the new red leaves on the roses.  Pink and purple hyacinths stand tall in front of the yard saying look here, the roses are getting new leaves and the columbines are greening up again!  Peony sprouts are popping up to show they are getting ready to perform and the tulips are doing their typical, big leaves with no flowers except on one.  Off the carport the fresh fan like leaves of the lily’s grab your eye and the shop is accented with first time red, blue and white anemones and crying out please don’t step on me!

Kids are out of school for the week and we went to see family.  Lots of visiting, kids playing in snow and good food.  Watched my mom get baptized as well. 🙂 Eric got in a fender bender when we were up their but the van was in the shop to get fixed the day after we got back and I’ve got a Mazda 6 to drive for now.  Today is a lazy day and I have yet to decide whether or not to get dressed.  Probably should since I have to venture out of the house to take Luke to track practice.

I am dying to work in my garden but i still haven’t gotten it tilled up so I’m getting nervous that I will have to plant in my flower bed again.  This year I have about 10 things to plant and I need to get some of my seeds started inside soon-peas!  If I can’t get my husband to borrow the rototiller I will have to plant in my flower bed again.  I would dig out the area by hand but it is extremely compacted and I need to till down about 8 inches and mix my compost in to sweeten up the soil!




Faith, Family, Garden, Oregon weather

I hang my head in shame….

I challenged you guys to blog once a week and what do I do?  Not blog for 11 days!  I failed my own challenge.  Please forgive me…:-)
Anyways, guess what!  Eric got a full time job- Praise the Lord!!!!!  He has been working part time at the local high school with the special needs kids but part time just won’t pay the bills (God does though).  So now we have seen how the Lord works to help us! Praise God!
Deana is doing good, grumpy with me right now but she’s a 16 year old girl so that is part of the territory.  Lucas is doing good and is proud to say that he can work the tree climbing apparatus unlike me and before dad.  Gavin is doing good, speech is improving and we have his parent teacher conferences next week.  Liberty is doing good, got put in the corner for the first time today and wow, she straightened right up after that.  I am doing good, sunburned, but good.  I cleaned the grill this week so we can get our BBQ on.  Also started an all new flower bed,  20 ft x 3 ft of yard but it’s worth it.  It will draw the eye up from the retaining wall that is in bad shape and put a border that the kids won’t be so tempted to cross.   I am also going to plant some Yucca starts I have at the bottom of the retaining wall to help hide it and have it look better than a half dead yard that gets no use at all and just grows weeds for Eric to grow. I am a bit over half done but now the weather is in control of when I finish it.
Did you all have nice weather last weekend?  I was warm here, shorts and tank tops weather.  It was a summery weekend!  Anyways, I hope this finds you all feeling good, and having a good day, evening, nights, etc….God Bless