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Compost bin is hot!

    I have a compost bin that I started in July and I want to give you all an update on it.  First off, I put almost everything in it, yes, even meat and dairy, but not in large quantities.  I put all vegetable, pasta, fruit, everything in it!  I also put madrone leaves and bark in it along with yard clippings and weeds.  I stir it every couple of weeks the best I can and water it when it starts to look dry.  There are plenty of bugs and grubs in it and there is no smell coming from it, really: no smell!  So I’ve been wondering if it’s become a hot compost pile or not but I don’t have a big thermometer so there was no way to find out.  Then I read on-line about taking a metal pole and sticking it in your pile.  Then you’re supposed to wait a few minutes and pull it out to see if it’s hot or not.  Well I did that but with a metal pipe.  I waited 15 minutes and when I pulled it out it was hot!  Hot like it had been laying in our hot southern Oregon sun for a few hours!  Woo-hoo, I’ve done it!

   Now about my tomatoes, they are producing better and better.  One problem though.  The first tomato that I got has gotten pretty big, about 3 inches across, but it’s still green.  I’m going to give it time and see what happens.  I found out that if they aren’t ripe and frost comes I can cut the plant at the base and hang it from it’s stem in a place where no frost will get it and the tomatoes will ripen on the plant.  My landlady did it last year and she had fresh tomatoes into January!  I was glad to hear this because of the late planting and it usually means a late harvest too.  At the bottom of this blog is a poll, why not check it out?

Now, about my family life.  My husband, Eric, and I are taking off this weekend, with no kids!  We are going to Newport City for my sisters wedding and using the rest of the weekend for us!  I am so excited!  The kids will be with Grandma camping so they will have a blast too.

Well, that’s it for now.  Stay green and stay happy!  God bless….