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Ack- tomorrow is Monday, My joyous weekend come’s to an end…

Tomorrow I will do what I do every morning.  I will wake up and hit snooze and then 3 minutes later I will get up.  As I lay in bed during those 3 minutes thinking – ugh I don’t want to go to work, what if I just don’t go in, why not go back to being a stay-at-home mom…. Then the alarm goes off again and I sober up from my lazy, unrealistic, uncaring half asleep dream state and I crawl out of bed.  Then it’s off to the kitchen and grab of cup of coffee (hubby makes it before he goes to work and always leaves me a big cup on the hotplate).  After that I will go wake up the 2 redheads and get them ready for school while holding world war 3 at bay.

Well I feel I must share my joys over the last weekend.  First off, it was a 3 day weekend due to a snow day on Friday. So my weekend started early.  Hubby and I decided to go check out a 2015 GMC Acadia finally.  We went and checked it out, drove it and signed some papers.  We left with it and the 2006 PT Cruiser stayed behind to never be driven by us again! Yay me! I’ve wanted and SUV for years and we needed more space.  PT couldn’t hold hubby, 2 red heads, 2 labrador retrievers, me and luggage.  The Acadia holds all that comfortably.  Also, I feel safer sitting higher up off the road!

Another joy this weekend is I realized that next weekend is it for Girl Scout Cookie booths! That and I only had 1 – 2 hour shift this weekend!  I love doing things with my daughter but cookie booths can be miserable.  Luckily I like the moms I’ve been paired up with and my daughter gets along with the other girls really well.

One last joy is that I have solidified my spring break plans for the most part.  I start with heading up north to Portland for Girl Scout Girlfest.  It is a lot of fun for her and I enjoy myself too.  Then come back home and stay at home for 3 nights before heading to my sister’s house for 3-4 nights!!!!! I am SUPER EXCITED about that!

Alas, we have installed the vinyl plank flooring we bought in both the living room and kitchen.  I want to post pictures but we have yet to finish the trim.  Cold wet weather makes painting outside painting difficult, and hubby hates finish work!  I will try to get a post made about that soon.  It was quite an ordeal!

Anyways, be kind, passive and forgiving.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed!

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Ode to January…

It’s that time of year.  The weather is cold and uninspiring.  I clean the house, look for new crafts to do, do research on future projects.  All of this is just a way to avoid what really needs done.  2 things demand my time at this time of year.  They are taxes and Girl Scout cookie sales….  Both bring on headaches for sure!

Girl Scout cookie sales are unavoidable if you have a girl scout so I am stuck with it.  I will keep a smile on my face and be a motivator to my daughter with her goal of 600 boxes (last year she just barely sold 300).

Taxes – UGH!  Last year my dear hubby started his own business.  So for us that means we (I) have more work to do.  Thank God for Quicken to keep everything organized.  Tomorrow is no school so I plan on getting started on getting all the numbers together.  I may need a glass of wine hard cider by the time I am done.

By April, Girl Scout cookie sales will be done, taxes will be filed, winter will be over and spring will be here.  Focus on that! Spring, chickens, sunshine and new growth. Also, April is closer to summer vacation and when you work in a school as I do, Summer vacation is a glorious time!