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Long time and no blogging!

Well I just looked and last time I blogged was 4 years ago!  Wow! So much has happened in that time. We have bought a house married off a daughter, gained a son in law and 2 grandsons.  Another child has grown up and joined the Army. We have bought our house and discovered home ownership is hard work but worth it!  I have went back to work after 16 years of being a stay at home mom and hubby has a new self-employed career.  The kids left at home are 5th and 7th graders already!

Life goes by us so fast!!!!!  This year I am letting about 80% of my garden go.  Keeping the asparagus, rhubarb and a small patch for tomatoes.  Work is keeping me too busy to tend my large garden.  The land won’t go to waste though.  I am getting chickens and giving them the space!  Yep trading garden for chickens.  I will have 8-12 chickens, including 1 rooster to protect the flock.  I will be raising the chickens for eggs and when they quit laying we will butcher them for food.  I will let the kids name them but I want old fashioned names like Henrietta, Adeline, Bernadette and the such. Look for stories about chickens and chicken raising in my future!

Also,  I have gotten back in touch with my crafty side and will hopefully have a place this year to set up my sewing machine where it won’t need to be put away ever again.  I am talking about a craft room/she shed.  One day in the future hopefully and I will be able to explore sewing like never before, have a place for all my craft supplies and a love seat for friends to hang out on.  Maybe I will be able to share some lesson’s I learn on the way with crafts!

Home ownership is amazing!  We are responsible when things break or wear out.  Having a contractor for a husband is a big bonus.  We have pulled paneling off the wall and painted, painted the exterior, tiled the shower and painted both bathrooms with new hardware.  My husband just put a new roof on our house last month!  Next projects are laundry room and kitchen/living room flooring!  I will definitely be posting pictures of those processes!

Please forgive my for my absences.  I will try to share life stories more often!  God bless and have a great night!

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The garden is doing it’s thing!

Wow! Once a garden gets going there is no stopping it!  So far this year I have canned 9 pints of green beans, 1 pint of beets (it’s always 1 pint) garlic, green onions, peas and, dried rosemary, chamomile, oregano, sage, spearmint, lemon balm and feverfew (I will talk more about that herb in a few weeks)! Here’s a picture of one days harvest a few weeks ago!

Beets, spearmint, lemon balm, snow peas, echicnacea and bee balm and lincoln english peas.

I also have more beans in the fridge that I picked today that I need to can and about a half dozen cucumbers that need to be pickled, BUT WAIT… guess what I did!  I forgot to plant dill!  Can you believe it?  I will go out tomorrow and sprinkle a bunch in the garden (by the pumpkins – maybe?) and harvest some basil to dry and maybe catnip (for tea and my cat: Muck)…

She looks more innocent then she is!
She looks more innocent then she is!

Alas, I am going into business!  The name of my business is sRIEn and I would like to offer you all a chance to buy a natural made lip balm and receive a sample of my Mother’s touch anti-bacterial, anti-fungal cream for free!  It’s only $2.00 plus shipping and handling and absolutely no chemicals anywhere!  Just drop me an email if interested:

Soft lips without greasiness or chemicals!
Soft lips without greasiness or chemicals!