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Flower jelly?

Yes, you read the title right.  I said Flower jelly. But first I wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you and I have been nursing a sick family and been oh-so busy!  But, now back to the blog.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my computer (a bit bored) and looked out the window and saw the same sweet smelling lilacs I’ve been smelling for a few weeks now.  So I just Googled: What to do with Lilacs.  I was thinking potpourri, scented sachet’s in the dresser, etc… but what I found was lilac jelly!  What?  a jelly made out of a flower?  Well, I read more and decided to give it a try.

I promptly went outside and with the help of my husband and children got a bowl FULL of lilacs that were bright, fresh, free of any bugs and of course filled my nose with the most wonderful smell.  I took to the task of picking all the petals off the flowers and making a lilac infusion.  What I got was a bit scary but after straining and going through the process of making jelly I had beautiful, sweet smelling lilac jam.  It spreads perfectly (not to thick or thin) and the taste is mellow and sweet.

Lilac jam and homemade bread, all you need it chamomile tea and slippers...
Lilac jam and homemade bread, all you need it chamomile tea and slippers…

Because It was my first time to make this type of thing I didn’t take any pictures.  Because it tasted so good I am gonna do it again but with roses!  Yes, I said roses.  You can actually make jam from any flower of herb, even dandelions!  I would make sure the flower was an edible one first though.  So because I have a couple of super rosey smelling roses, and no more lilacs, rose jam it will be!

Come back next week and I will show you how easy it is!



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