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Busy, busy, busy!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted but I am working on things that I want to post about.

There are two peppers hiding on this little plant!
Hot Pepper in the flower bed (my first garden)

Gardening is one of my passions and although March has just begun I am already fully into this years garden. I want to encourage you to try having a garden.  Your garden can be as big as a baseball field but I would aim smaller if it’s your first.  My advice is to start small.  My first vegetables were tomatoes and hot peppers in the flower bed.  We also had strawberries that I rescued after I mistook the ‘leaves of three’ and pulled a bunch (yes-we all have dumb moments).  That goes to show you how much I knew about plants!  Anyways, my point is you don’t need a big garden.  Plant anywhere you can, even in a flower pot on the porch if that’s all you want to do. Just make sure it gets sun, water and talk to it (yes, I talk to my plants).  What to plant?  That’s easy- what do you like to eat?  My kids get to pick one thing to go into the garden every year.  This year we have watermelon, tomatoes and okra going in for the kids. Why do it?  Healthy at a fraction of the cost, gets the kids involved and more likely to try new foods (my daughter didn’t eat tomatoes or carrots till they came from our garden).  It also feels good when you can feed your family something that you grew!  Go ahead, give it a try!  You will be rewarded!

Here are some helpful links to getting started:

Plant Hardiness Zone

Frost Dates


Companion Planting

2012 garden

Feel free to leave me a comment and share what your growing this year.  Vegetables?  Fruit?  Herbs?


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