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New Year, new post (finally)

Things have been busy here.  Since my last post 9 months ago (Gasp! Really? Yes, really!) I have had lots happen in my life (In no particular order).

1.No, my hubby and I are actually doing really good still, sorry to burst all the doom and gloomers bubbles.

2.My oldest daughter is bringing into a the world next month a son (my first grandchild)!

3. I did get my garden tilled and it was a success.  I canned salsa( three kinds), jam (three kinds, also), diced tomatoes, green beans, pickles and one lonely can of beets.  Mostly from my organic garden, my neighbors garden or farmers market.

4. Been busy posting on Pinterest so everyone can see my garden, and all the other things I manage to get pictures of to sum up my life (check out the link on the left).

5. I have a new kitten, her name is Muck and she is a crazy kitten with a passion for biting (Help).

6. I have went greener and am going greener still (for the planet and my family)!

I will do my best to focus on this blog better.  I will share what I do to make my families life greener in a menagerie of ways!


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