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Ahhhh, Christmas time is upon us!

The garland is up, the snowman are peeking out from every nook they can fill, the stockings are hung with care, the nativities are out and kids school-made decorations decorate the walls along with a project/Christmas chain the kids get to work at at their leisure and I add to the existing one once it’s big enough!  Then came the tree and village….

We decided to go cut down our own tree this year, so permit in hand with snacks and plenty of gas in the Suburban, we set out and found (actually, it was I who found it) a nearly perfect tree. My husband slipped on the ice and tried to break his shins but needless to say, he’s a tuffy and got the tree cut down and rolled it down the icy hill.  Then we got it strapped on to the top of the Suburban but not without me having the door shut on my hands (no breaks, just a bruise).  We come home and then my husband measures the tree and discovers that it is nearly 14 feet tall and our cieling is only about 7 feet tall!  Much trimming and pruining was done and then it was brought in!  That’s when we realized how big around it is (nearly half  the width of the living room).  Oh-well, we figure it’s a lesson learned and how can the smell of a fresh tree not make it ‘all ok’?   Then it happens, the tree tips over, yes in the middle of the living room!   We get it back up, get it stable, decorate it and to make a long story short, it has been trimmed since and rocks added to the base because tipping three (yes I said three) times in less then 24 hours is a bit annoying!

That night I decided to set up my Christmas Village (yay)!   I got it all figured out and love the way it came out!  The only negative I have to say is that because it takes over the dining table we are all forced to the living room, which is especially small due to the over sized Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas!


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