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Just a quick note to show you what I baked yesterday!  I made Pumpkin Spice cookies with cinammon icing and Apple Pumpkin muffins with struesel topping.  The cookies are so yummy and fluffy like little cakes and the cupcakes I made with braeburn apples and no, I am no good at making good looking streusel.  All of the pumpkin was some that I pureed a few days earlier.


8 thoughts on “Pumpkin-yummy!”

  1. Oh honey, it all looks really really good and your streusel is just fine looking. Making my mouth water. I must bake tomorrow but it will be bread and chocolate chip cookies this time I think. A pumpkin goodie sounds good though so there Insha Allah will be one in our near future.

      1. Did you use my Cinnabon recipe? If you did I am sure they turned out fantastic as that is a great recipe and it had good hands preparing them.

  2. I did for the dough but I had to add almost another cup of flour. My problem has always been way to soft dough so I took it on myself to deviate from the recipe and it worked out! I tweeked out the filling after checking out more recipes on-line and then made a butter cream icing since I didn’t have any cream cheese. So it did start out at Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that tasted awesome! They were delicious and we will probable finish the pan tonight. I think it would be a great breakfast on Christmas morning-maybe!

    1. Oh I think that is wonderful. That is what I do with some things too…kind of change them a bit to make them better or more to my liking. You did take after me. hehehe 🙂 And yes, that would make a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast that I expect the whole family would love love love!

  3. they look delish! It was awesome to catch you online the other nite! Could you email that recipe SR? They sound delish – all my recipes went by the wayside when they remodeled my kitchen! ;( I have always preferred the butter cream to cream cheese icing…luv! cream cheese, just not in icing! Tweeking the recipes/creating new ones seems to run in the family!! Ask Aunt Betta, she makes up stuff just about daily! teehee
    Well, gn – love and miss you!

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