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Tomatoes and pumpkins!

Pumpkin puree, roasted seeds and canned tomatoes!

What a week!  Husband and oldest son are still gone and my-oh-my I did it!  I canned tomatoes by myself!  Yep, it was my first time to can all by myself and my first time to can tomatoes (only done fruit up till now).  I didn’t have much but they are the tomatoes that I grew in my flower bed and it yielded about two quart jars of tomatoes! That is still a success in my book.

I also, made pumpkin puree from the pumpkins that I was able to save from carving into over Halloween.  I have learned that there is reccomended varieties for cooking with and only one of the three were ther right kind but I pureed all three anyways.  I will let you all know how it tastes when I use it (it’s in the freezer now).  I won’t be using if for pie because I couldn’t get a totally smooth puree out of it – I really Need (ok, want) a food processor!!!!!

I must tell you that one along with stretching our food budget, we are eating healthier and wasting less.  Every part of the tomatos and pumpkin that wasn’t edible went into the compost pile to help next years garden.  Circle of vegetable life is what I call it (smile).


4 thoughts on “Tomatoes and pumpkins!”

  1. Congratulations sweetie! I am so pleased you are doing this. Very cool! Just a note for you concerning the pumpkin puree…when you unfreeze it you will want to strain it out again because it will loose much moisture so you will actually get less that what you have in the bags but it will be sooo good. I did pumpkin last year and I am still enjoying it. I will try to make you a scrapbook page with this last picture of your canning. Did you happen to get any pics when you were doing the deer? I am glad to know you are eating and living healthy and “eco friendly”…better for you, better for the earth, better for life! Love you lots!!

    1. No pictures when butchering the deer and I strained the pumpkin overnight with weight on it. When I pulled one of the bags of pumpkin out and defrosted it there was, amazingly, no excess water!

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