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Thinking about getting ready for fall

September is here but still no sign of fall.  I did do a few pre-fall things though!  I pruned back my tomatoes so that the tomato will get the nutrients instead of the leaves.  I’ve been weed and feeding the yard too.  I know that that’s normally a spring thing to do but we’ve never been one to follow the recommendations 100% 🙂  Our thoughts are that we should get rid of the weeds as much as possible before we re-seed this fall!  Then we can weed and feed again in the spring and hopefully have a green yard and not dirt spots filled with a mixture of weeds and grass!  

Also, it just dawned on me that next month I get to plant all my bulbs that I got too late in the season last year!  Along with that I will be getting some hay and manure to till into the ground for my first garden next spring!  The plan is to get some hay and manure tilled into the ground and then cover the ground with black plastic throughout the winter to prevent weeds and encourage heat to help break down the amendments and invite ‘good’ bugs.

On a much more yummy note, I ate my first tomato tonight from my plant.  Yep, I grew that plant from a seedling (harvested from my neighbors tomato plant) into a big plant that gave us healthy nourishment with no chemicals!  It was sooooo sweeeeet and yummy too!  I can’t wait to have more! 

Kids are all in school and it has been so nice….  Last Friday was my first chance to walk our two-mile block and I pushed myself and it felt so good!  Today the kids were all in school again so I invited some friends and the four of us along with a dog and a baby walked the block-Twice, yes, that is 4 miles!  The dog went back home after two though 🙂  Tomorrow we are gonna aim for the 4 miles again but push ourselves to go a bit faster so that we can burn more calories and get our heart rate up!  It feels so good!

Well, I hope this blog finds you in comfortable weather and feeling good, bye-


2 thoughts on “Thinking about getting ready for fall”

  1. Nothing is better than a garden fresh tomato that you grew from scratch 🙂 YUM. Black Plastic is WONDERFUL. love that stuff. Helps do so much different stuff. Sounds like you are fall energized and raring to move forward into the year. Walking with pals is very cool too. 🙂 glad you are blogging. 🙂

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