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More Canning…

More canning today….

Today we canned a case of apples into Apple Pie Filling, Applesauce and Apple Jelly.  We also canned a case of pears as plain old canned pears and a bit of Pearsauce!  It was a long day!  We figured out why we were having a hard time getting the jelly thick enough and then it donned on us that we only used about a quarter of the sugar the recipe called for (we wanted it to be healthier than sugary, if you know what I mean) but after more pectin and corn starch we got it!  We ended up with lots to store and the picture you see below is what we did today minus a few jars of jelly, already taken home by my cousin!

Apples and Pears oh my!
This what we canned on Sept. 5th, 2011

On another note, today was Gavin’s first day of first grade and tomorrow Lucas and Deanna have there first days.  Liberty’s first day is Thursday and praise God, after her first day the bus will pick her up and take her home, which saves us a fortune on gas that we cannot afford.  If she wasn’t able to ride the bus I don’t think school would be an option due to the cost of gas these days.

Well, off to a much needed shower after canning on a hot day.  Yes, I did turn on the air conditioner by 10:30 this morning, but it was still hot in the kitchen!


2 thoughts on “More Canning…”

  1. It all looks wonderful honey! I am so pleased you are learning how to do this. Your family will Insha Allah benefit so much from this. Please send me all the pictures from when you are canning so I can make you a scapbook page or two.

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