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I canned for the first time!

I’ve been wanting to learn to can for a few years now and have never learned-until this week!  My cousin, Linda, called me and told me about some jelly (cherry plum) she had canned that was way too sweet so we were discussing what to do with it.  I asked if it could be made into syrup and so the road to canning was paved (for me at least, finally)!  She brought her jelly and pans over and I got out all my jelly jars and canning supplies (I said I was wanting to learn) and we turned jelly into syrup.  It is still sweet/tart but I think it will rock on ice cream and pancakes!  That was Tuesday.

Then today we made blackberry-cherry plum jelly and jam.  I definitely prefer to make jam more than jelly though.  They taste soooo good.  On Tuesday we did it where we boiled the jars and lids and matched the temperature up with the syrup and then filled the jars, closed and waited for the pop which means it’s sealed!  They all popped!!!  Then today, we made the jelly and jam  and brought them both up to 180 degrees and then put it in jars and sealed with paraffin wax.  So I learned both ways and I like them both!

Next week we are making apple pie filling and blackberry something or nother again!

First and second time canning!

Also, we made it ourselves so we know what is in it!  It feels good to know that my kids have enough jelly and jam to last them a year and it has NO CHEMICALS in it.  Has no waste because the jar and ring are reusable and the paraffin wax can be remelted and strained (or so I’ve heard).  Also, the only cost we had was sugar, pectin and wax which is nothing compared to the cost of buying that much jam and jelly!  It’s a win/win scenario if ever there was one!


4 thoughts on “I canned for the first time!”

  1. I am so glad you are learning to can honey. I think it is the best and healthiest way to get your food after fresh. You know everything that is in it that way too. Have fun learning and enjoy the food.

  2. Wow! Thats a haul. Good for you, we have alot to go over here and like you we are learning for the 1st time. We’ve got pickles and salsa down, next up: pizza sauce and tomato sauce.

    I’m hoping to maybe find a good jam/jelly recipie using apples as we have 2 trees that have tons of ripe apples on them right now. Keep up the good work.

  3. congrats :)… Its a lost art the joy of canning. Now, personally, I don’t have the interest to do it but its very cool that from start (plant) to finish (jarred goodies) it all is made from the loving hands of Mama. Its cool. Be proud of you.

    1. Tin may be too young to remember, but back in the olden days that is what we did: canned EVERYTHING!! Made pickles, which take a lil longer: as for your apple friend, we used to make apple butter, and you can can those like you do your other fruits for pies. I actually prefer the jelly, tho’ yes, it does have that extra step! 😀 Proud of you, dont forget your veggies….which is also a huge savings!!

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