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Compost bin is hot!

    I have a compost bin that I started in July and I want to give you all an update on it.  First off, I put almost everything in it, yes, even meat and dairy, but not in large quantities.  I put all vegetable, pasta, fruit, everything in it!  I also put madrone leaves and bark in it along with yard clippings and weeds.  I stir it every couple of weeks the best I can and water it when it starts to look dry.  There are plenty of bugs and grubs in it and there is no smell coming from it, really: no smell!  So I’ve been wondering if it’s become a hot compost pile or not but I don’t have a big thermometer so there was no way to find out.  Then I read on-line about taking a metal pole and sticking it in your pile.  Then you’re supposed to wait a few minutes and pull it out to see if it’s hot or not.  Well I did that but with a metal pipe.  I waited 15 minutes and when I pulled it out it was hot!  Hot like it had been laying in our hot southern Oregon sun for a few hours!  Woo-hoo, I’ve done it!

   Now about my tomatoes, they are producing better and better.  One problem though.  The first tomato that I got has gotten pretty big, about 3 inches across, but it’s still green.  I’m going to give it time and see what happens.  I found out that if they aren’t ripe and frost comes I can cut the plant at the base and hang it from it’s stem in a place where no frost will get it and the tomatoes will ripen on the plant.  My landlady did it last year and she had fresh tomatoes into January!  I was glad to hear this because of the late planting and it usually means a late harvest too.  At the bottom of this blog is a poll, why not check it out?

Now, about my family life.  My husband, Eric, and I are taking off this weekend, with no kids!  We are going to Newport City for my sisters wedding and using the rest of the weekend for us!  I am so excited!  The kids will be with Grandma camping so they will have a blast too.

Well, that’s it for now.  Stay green and stay happy!  God bless….


2 thoughts on “Compost bin is hot!”

  1. Wonderful…all the way around! I have told Issa that after we settle in Mali I want to have a garden and actually that I would like to raise our own eggs and meat too. Garden is a go but not sure about the meat and eggs yet though. We will see. Would have to find more space to do the animal part. And don’t worry…give your tomatoes time and they will turn red and if they are still not red when the first frost date approaches then do what your landlady said. Tomatoes are always green first on the vine so it is good.

  2. Oh I forgot…have a wonderful time at your sisters wedding. Please take lots of pictures for me and then enjoy the rest of your weekend with your husband. You two don’t do things like this often enough so I am really glad you are planning on doing this. Love you!

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