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I took my first try at growing vegetables this summer, thanks to my neighbor giving me some starts.  When I got the tomatoes they were about 10 inches tall and my peppers were only about 2 inches tall.  I have learned that soil is different from one place to the next. Three of my tomatoes did really well and two did not.  The pepper plants the same, two doing good and one not. So add not very good soil and lack of experience to the unusually rainy and long spring we had this year, I am amazed and inspired to have a garden next year.

I talked to my husband and he agreed to is next year I will have a garden that is about 30×10 feet big!  Amazingly it will be that big since he already agreed and helped me build my 3-stall compost bin which he thinks is an eyesore.    I am so excited that I already bought most of my seeds for next year and they are stored away safely in a glass jar in the pantry.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


1 thought on “Tomatoes”

  1. Loved your blog honey. I am so glad you are enjoying growing your garden and looking forward to your next one. Everything looks wonderful. Just wanted to let you know that this says you posted it on the 27th and I just now on the 30th got the update telling me. Anyway, keep up your wonderful work and attitude!

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