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I need to blog!

Well, I just read my last post and it was from February, can you believe it?  It was funny about reading how I got a chance to weed the flower beds and how now I have tomatoes planted and growing and a compost bin!

Today was my last day of daily babysitting!  I love that little girl but I am done with babies.  Summer vacation is coming to an end 🙂 and I am excited!  You see, Deanna will be a Senior, Lucas a 7th grader, Gavin a 1st grader and Liberty will be in preschool.   That means that 4 days I will be kid free from 8am to Noon!!!!!  I love my kids but I love them going to school too!

It’s already 12:11 am so I should get to bed.  I pledge to do my best and get back to regular blogging!  Goodnight….


5 thoughts on “I need to blog!”

  1. Kid free time is always good! Granted, I’m not one to talk, considering I’m an eighteen-year-old single child. It sounds like you have a big family!
    Enjoy those kid free times; I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff you could do to relax during them. 🙂

  2. Glad to see you are back. Now that I am used to WP I don’t mind it so much. It is a very good place to dump your head in bigger chunks than FB. I love both. 🙂 Isn’t it weird to have a kid go into senior year? It was such a strange feeling to know you had input into the life that will exit and go forward. Well, to me, it was strange. A cool strange, but…you know.?

  3. Wow so hard to believe that Liberty is going to preschooL! Of course, I watch the pics of your senior on FB and it’s hard to believe she’s that big too!!! But, easier to accept as I have watched her a few years longer! The things you can do while they are away…I’m sure you will find many ways to fill the time, but do remember some quiet time for just mom! Luv your blogs, have missed them….I still haven’t gotten used to WP yet….I’m with Aunt Betta on those feelings….mixed Blessings there….I remember calling Gramma Spencer when Kris was getting that age and asked ‘Doesn’t it get easier?” Which she replied, ‘No Honey it doesn’t – you think it will, but it doesn’t and when it gets to the baby, it will be harder still!” Of course, she was right, and again in the fact I survived even as the children moved on….God’s perfect plan….

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