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Miss Me? It’s been a while….

Well, the kids are at day number 5 of their 6 day weekend and I still have all my hair!  They are being pretty good and are sleeping as late as they can.  Lucas is on the phone with his girlfriend as much as possable and when he’s not on the phone Deanna is with her boyfriend.  Thank God for cell phones so people can get ahold of Eric and me.

My mom is in the States now and my sister texted me this morning and asked when the ALL could come for a visit.  I of course said anytime!  That would be 13 people in our 3 bedroom house.  My though, thank God for two bathrooms!

Eric and I went out the other day and declared it to be the most expensive date we will ever have.  We went gun shopping and out to lunch.  Guns and food, what better way to get a man to spend a day with you!   We had 7 hours without kids and it was awesome!  Eric ended up getting a Smith and Wesson M & P .45 and I got a .243 Mauser, a Bushnell scope and a pink camo gun case!  I am a happy wife that’s for sure!

The weather has been cold and sunny!  From inside it looks warm and summery outside.  Open up the door though and brrrr.  I want to go work in the flower bed again.  A couple of weeks ago we had a warm day and I got out there and weeded the flower beds that go around the house.   I love working in the flower beds, it just feels good to see the before and after and know it was your doing!

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope to see more blogging!


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