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We Won!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! My team rocks!  In case you didn’t realize it I am a  bit of a Greenbay fan and am so hapy that they won THE game!

Please keep Deanna’s mom in your prayers.  We found out last week that she has Leukemia and she starts chemo tomorrow.

Kids are doing good.  Same old same.  Eric is working steasdy still, thank the Lord and I am babystting still and now my niece who’s in seventh grade comes here for me to supervise three times a week so she can do her schooling . All that keeps me busy but I think that’s good for me so I don’t get into a lazy slump as easily.

Valentines day is coming up and it’s not just for lovers, it’s for anyone who loves any one.  That could be your spouse, kids, friends, etc…



  1. Oh honey, I am really sorry to hear about Deanna’s Mom. Insha Allah she will beat this. How is Deanna handling the news?

    I am very happy to hear your team won! I for one know you are a true die-hard Green Bay Packers Fan and cheer them on and stick by them no matter what so it makes this a doubly good thing for you. Enjoy!!

    I am glad you are staying busy since it is good for you. Glad you are enjoying what you are doing sweetie.

    I don’t tend to do Valentines but I love you dearly and immeasurably every day. I have from the time I carried you and will for as long as I have breath. Immeasurably yet somehow growing always and knowing it is. ❤

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