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Another update!

Well, another week has passed.  Eric is 38 now, his birthday was yesterday and   Greenbay won the NFC Championship game and is going to the Super Bowl!  I made Eric his birthday dinner tonight and it turned out great!  My thing is to make the birthday boy/girl in the house to pick out whatever they want for dinner and I make it.  Well Eric picked out Jambalya and Chocolate Mousse.  Yummy and super filling!

My mom will be back in the states next month so I hope to see her soon after her arrival.

That’s all for now, not much going on.  Keep up the blogging!


1 thought on “Another update!”

  1. I’m glad Eric had a nice birthday dinner honey. You love the cooking so I have not doubt it was fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing you soon Insha Allah. I love you! Oh, and of course I am happy for you that your team won yesterday. I will be waiting to hear how they do in the super bowl. 🙂

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