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My nephew

This is a copy of my mom’s blog because she doesn’t have the share option set up. This blog is all about my new nephew, Tyson Lane Johnson

Tyson was born yesterday December 28th, 2010. He made his extremely dramatic entrance with much fan fare and surprised us all with his early arrival. Kimberley was taken from her doctor’s office to the hospital by ambulance on Monday afternoon. Being Kimberley she was very embarrassed by this action but understood the doctor felt it was necessary and trusting her doctors judgement she went ahead and dealt with her embarrassment and did as she was told. Upon arriving at the hospital she was first told they would watch her overnight to see if the baby was going to come or not, see if the bleeding she was experiencing would stop or not and if all went well and baby stayed where he belonged and the bleeding slowed or stopped she would be released home to complete bed rest until his arrival. Time passed and it was discovered that Kimberley and baby were suffering from complete placenta abrubtion which means the placenta had torn completely away from the uterus. This is by all means a bad thing. She also had many blood clots which is also a bad thing. Placental abrubtion has a 20%-40% risk of fetal death and is also a significant source of Mother mortality’s. As the hours progressed Kimberley felt as if she was having contractions and if a quick birth can happen then a vaginal birth is desired even in this situation but Tyson was not ready for a quick birth. Early in the morning it was decided that they would have to remove a very large bloodclot and if the baby had crowned they would let her have a natural birth but if he had not they would be prepared to do a C-section. Upon removal of the blood clot it was found that baby was not crowned and indeed was not even near being so. Due to this a c-section was done. Upon doing a bikini cut on Kimberley it was found that not only was baby not far enough down in the birth canal yet, he was also bottom down and head up. Since he was not due for 6 more weeks he had not even turned yet. He was also very deep within Kimberley and they could not get ahold of him to remove him so they then had to also do an upward cut (like c-sections used to be done) so she ended up cut like an upside down T. They were then able to wedge him loose from wherever he was deep within her. Kimberley had been told a couple weeks ago that he was a big baby for how far along she was. I believe without a doubt that was Allah preparing him for this because even though he was born 6 weeks premature he still weighed in at 5 pounds 10 ounces and was a wonderful 18 inches long. I think he would have been a football player if he had went full term. Although his size was good (albeit he would have been small for a full term babe) he was still in actuality very early and had been through quite an ordeal so he will be kept and watched closely in the NICU for the next 1 to 3 weeks before he is released to go home. Kimberley will be kept in the hospital until at least Friday. So after his very dramatic entrance into our world Tyson and his Mommy are doing well and now it is just a matter of time before they will be home like any other new baby and new Mommy. Due to the fact that he came so early it has ended up that Kimberley will now have 2 babies both born in 2010 who are 9 1/2 months apart. What a year she has had! Now, I must say Alhamdulillah! because God is to be trusted and HE took care of them. HE is Great! I have never in my life felt so helpless. Being over 5000 miles from my girls is always difficult when I know they are in need of a hug or a nudge or what have you. We compensate for this with lots of phone calls and now at least with Kimberley, regular visits on Skype but when all the above was taking place and I was so far away and knew that both my daughter and grandchild could die….that is a pain and a helplessness I cannot and will not even venture to describe. It is beyond anything I could say. I sat here praying and sobbing and praying some more. Alhamdulillah! For God is Great! He is the All Knowing, All Seeing. Although I felt helpless I was so glad to know that HE is not. Anyway, Tyson is at this moment a beautiful very very blonde headed baby who appears to be nice and healthy. And if his entrance into the world is any indication of how he will be, watch out world because here comes a dynamo.


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