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This week

Sugar, corn syrup, nuts, cereal, chocolate and on… I have been in the kitchen a lot today and yesterday making Christmas goodies!  I’ve made 1) creamy chocolate fudge, 2) buttery peanut brittle, 3) caramel snack mix and  4) zesty snack mix.  The fudge turned out awesome, the peanut brittle tastes a little toffee-ish, the caramel snack mix is yummy and the zesty snack mix is not so great so donated for the kids to graze on.  I am going to make danish oatmeal cookies later and am hoping that those taste as good as the reviews on the website say.

Liberty is doing better.  Last Sunday she got a fever and it kept bouncing between 99.6 – 101.4 and then on Tuesday it hit 103.4 so I called the Dr.  The Dr. said she wanted to see her so when I took her in she still had a urin culture done and the Dr. noticed that her gums were RED and SWOLLEN BBBAAADDD. It turns out she has Stomatitis, which is basically a really rough way to get your first cold sore, as well as a sign that she might have a UTI so she is now on antibiotics.  She will go to the Dr. after Christmas for a follow-up.  Her fever broke Wednesday night with the worst case of sweatiness that I’ve ever seen in one of my kids and then she woke up with three cold sores on Thursday.  They are mostly gone now but she also now has little sores on her tongue which make it hard to eat or drink.  She is doing great but eating fudge even hurts her as well as drinking water.  I am praying the the little she gets in her will go a long way and keep her hydrated.

Christmas vacation has started, my birthday is tomorrow and Deanna will be here on Sunday! With that and the sick kid and the baking things feel a bit hectic but that’s ok, it keeps me busy and I need that!   At least I am done with my Christmas shopping, except parishables, (thank you Kim).

Hope to see more blogging!


3 thoughts on “This week”

  1. You sound like you have been super busy. I am sorry poor little Libby Loo has been so sick. As God wills it may she be completely well very soon and yes, may the little she is able to eat go as far as it needs to meet her physical needs also. Ameen.

    I am glad you are enjoying your time in the kitchen. I don’t know what recipe site you are using. You may have told me but if you did I have forgotten. I use more than any other and just about everything I make from there turns out really good. Another good site is , well darn, I went to get the exact name from my bookmarks and accidently deleted it. Well it is Paula Deans recipes. I think if you pop her name in you will find it easily. Her recipes are basically good down south type cooking.

    I love you! I will call you on your birhday Insha Allah.

  2. Hello, Shelly

    It is terriable that Liberty is sick but the thing that you are talking about with her mouth could be threash. I just had it a few monthsa and alll the things that you have mentiones is what I feel. They can get it becausee the antibotics. I hoipe to get to see you on during the Christmas break as well.

    I am glad everything is going pretty week and I pray for it to stay that way.

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