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Rain, septic, school and kids…

Well, it’s typical Oregon weather and that means rain; never ending, cold, yucky, dark rain. The good part of it is that I won’t get a sunburn, I gues.  It puts a damper in me getting the Christmas lights up outside.

Then new septic tank in in and up and running!  It is huge!!!! It sucks not being able to let any water go down the drain.  It feels so good to go the the bathroom in the house instead of the potty fort (it’s a mom to small kids thing) and to be able to take showers and to do laundry at home is awesome!

The kids are back in school for three weeks now and today was nice because it was one of the days where all the kids go to school.  The two youngest are in bed 🙂 and Lucas is watching TV.  I got his report card and am not impressed.  He was an A/B student and now he has 2 A’s, 3 C”s and a D!  Grrr.. He has got to learn to focus!

I have Gavin’s comference tomorrow and willget his grades then.  I have no doubts that he is doing ok though and Liberty is doing good to.  Deanna turned 17 last week- can you believe that?  It’s amazing.  She is getting to be an old lady (lol).

All of my Christmas decorations are up and I posted my Christmas Village on my Facebook page so feel free to take a look.

I officially challenge everyone to start blogging again!  Is once a month so hard?  I know WordPress can be a bit challenging but once you give it a chance you will figure it out!

God Bless!


4 thoughts on “Rain, septic, school and kids…”

  1. Glad things are going well. Saw your village and it is beautiful. Been there with the septic thing in the past. yes, always nice to feel like a normal household again. Makes ya realize some of the things we tend to take for granted. As to your question about blogging…..yes, sometimes for me even once a month is difficult. I’ve tried to blog in the past but have hurt feelings from things i have said. It is very difficult for people to “read ” behind your emotions/feelings from typed words.You know how I am….i say things as I see them. Not intending to hurt anyone. However, I do enjoy reading your blogs. Yes, the kiddies are getting big. I feel ya on the age thingy….the boys are now 19 & 18 ……wow-life goes by fast. Anyway,hugs and Angel kisses to all. I missa you!

  2. Hi Sis,
    Enjoyed your blog as always. I will try to do my part to blog more frequently. I enjoyed the pics of the village a lot! I am really happy for you to be able to again do what we tend to take for granted…to urinatein your own house and then flush, to wash your clothes, to shower and to do your dishes without having to collect the water. it is amazing how that is such a normal part of life until we don’t have it. Suddently it becomes precious to us. Well I am happy all that is in your past now and you can again enjoy the simple things. Sorry to hear about Lucas’s report card. I wonder what can be done to make things hold his interest better in his studies? Thank you for the update on everyone. And yes, time really does go fast. My oldest baby will be 34 in just a couple more weeks…unbeleivable! Love you much!

  3. I did just blog…Kinda been playing around with this wordpress stuff. 🙂 Its a little more time consuming but I do like it. It was a busy november for me. Your pictures are pretty. I just decorated yesterday. I normally only do the livingroom. Its the first room you see and it is where most people hang out, (as if we have visitors SO much…lol) Anyway, sounds like Lucas is just growing up and expanding his world which means less focus on his studies…..which, ug, can be frustrating as a parent but hang in there. His grades look like he’s doing “not so bad” to me. I agree with all the septic comments. Flushing is a blessing! There are times I have turned my faucet on and thought to myself, I am so lucky not to have to travell 10 miles a day with a bucket on my head/back to collect water from a river that cows have peed in, familys have done laundry in, you know? I just saw a partial documentary (upcoming) with Jesse Ventura talking about how the US holds 70% of fresh water supply and fresh water is what our world could be at war for one day. I believe it. How precious is water ya know? Crazy crazy world we live in.
    Love you and Happy prebirthday to you this month. I hope its a special one for you! 🙂

  4. Hello Shelly:

    I am glad that you have your septic back and are able to live like humans again. I bet that was such a terriable thing to do especially withsuch little kids. I love the pictures of your village. I am blogging and so far it is going well and I am learning about this and I am doing better. Thank you for helping me do so. Have a great week.


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