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Thanksgiving is on it’s way!

November is here and it seems so cold after the unusually warm weather we’ve had up till last week.  The weather was so warm that many people felt like hunting season was a total flop!   But it has gotten quite chilly and now would be better for hunting but deer season in over.

Halloween went pretty well other that Liberty pottying in her costume so much that I had to take her home early!  The kids are doing good.  I’ve been texting with Deanna a bit more and it sure is nice!  She won’t be here for Thankgiving which is also her 17th birthday but she will be here for Christmas!!!!  Luke has his first girlfriend still and he has his first band concert this week!  Gavin is doing good in school and his conferences are early December.  He loves school and can’t wait to do his homework when he gets home- I wonder how long that will last?  Liberty had her home visit/conference today and she is doing very good and is adjusting well to school.  Amazingly she needs to work on talking louder, she talks quieter that a whisper when at school!  I wish I could combine that quietness from school with the loudness from here and she would have a perfect inside voice!

Eric is doing good, bummed about no deer this year but he definetly wasn’t the only one to be left empty handed at the end of hunting season.  I am doing good.  Finished Eric’s blanket I was making and lets just say it came out unique.

Thanksgiving is coming up and Jim will be here for that weekend I think and we are having everyone over here for Thanksgiving dinner this year!  Believe it or not I am actually making a turkey later this week too!  We love turkey!

I hope to see more blogging going on so please : BLOG!!!!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is on it’s way!”

  1. Hi Sweetie, I enjoyed your blog so much. I think it is great how well all the kids are doing. I can’t believe Deanna is going to be 17 already. Time is passing so quickly. I left you a note on Facebook but don’t know if you will find it or not so I will leave one here asking you to please take pics of all the blankets you make, unique or not. I would love to see them all. I have started crocheting for the winter now. I am working on a blanket for the upcoming baby and then have bought the yarn to make Kendall one too. Did I ever make Libby a blanket? I can’t remember now. I think the last youngest one I made one for is Gavin. Would you please clarify for me honey so I don’t miss making one for all the kids at some point in time. Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving honey. I am thinking about making a small Thanksgiving meal here for us but it is not Thanksgiving Day here like it is in America since it is an American holiday. I am sorry Eric did not get his deer. I heard it was a rough year for the hunters too. Ok, I better get. I love you! Mom

    1. Sounds like things are going well. Tell your Mom she hasn’t made me a blankie yet ;-)So, what are you doing with all that extra time on your hands while kiddies are in school? I’d be doing absolutely NOTHING for the 1st hour but enjoying the peace and me time.Hugs and angel kisses to the little ones.Missa you all.

  2. Hello Shelly:

    It is nice to see the blogs again. I have a lot of time on my hands lately. I am recently unemployed which is ok because I am facing back surgery. Luke asked Angelina last week if we were coming to dinner at your place for Thanksgiving and thought before I assumed this was ok that I would ask you if we were invited. I hope so because I miss all of you.

    Where do you get this blog because I would love to start one considering that I am going to have surgery soon and would love to keep everyone posted on my progress. Talk to ya soon.


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