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Fall is on it’s way!

Well, I cut back all my roses, paeonys and did ton’s of raking thanks to the oak tree in the front yard.  I also need to rake up all the madrone tree leaves too but they are not in the front or as bad so I am putting it off.

Liberty is loving school and has even started to remember the color green and yellow, those were the ones she always forgot.  Her teachers are trying to work with her about being more vocal and talking louder – can you believe that, I know she can be quiet at times but not that much.  Also, potty training is going great!  She hasn’t had a single accident at school and has about 3-4 a week at home.  Also, pooping in the toilet has improved and she now goes in the toilet about 75% of the time!  I am so happy!

Gavin is doing great.  He went to the pumpkin patch with his class last week and he had a blast!  He has an odd little quirk at school though.  He is scared of the bathroom in the classroom.  It is dark with no windows and a little imtimidating, but he refuses to use it.  When he has to go to the bathroom he goes to the office and uses the one in there.  His teacher has been very understanding and patient but my concern is what happens as he gets older?   Other than that Gavin has been doing great!

Lucas is struggling with the academic part of middle school and needs to work in self discipline to get his grades back up or we are going to have serious problems.  He wants to do archery which starts this week but I’m not sure if he will be able to do it due to his grades.  He also has his first dance this week!  He is excited!

Eric is gone for the weekend, elk hunting.  I hope he gets an elk this year since there has been no deer around except does and an elk has much more meet than a deer!  He had to put the police schooling on hold for a year do to finances.  We paid the first installment and boom-they wanted over $200.00 within 2 weeks and a whole bunch more in a lot less time than expected.  So he is putting that on hold and is trusting in God to open and shut the doors that are right for him.

I am doing good.  Been sewing and crocheting alot lately.  I am crocheting a blanket for Eric, which meant that I needed a new crochet bag to carry the yarn and blanket in so I got out the sewing machine, some fabrice I had on hand and made one.  It is lined, has three inner pockets and a snap closure on the strap and a comfortable shoulder strap to haul it around.  Then I got the urge to sew a curtain to close off the pantry so I made one and made the rod from a dowel and two hooks!  After I finish Eric’s blanket I am going to make a bedroom set for the girls room with this awesome fabric I bought a ton of  last year.  I am going to make comforters for both bunks, curtains and mabye some matching throw pillows!  That project will take some time but I am in no rush.  I don’t know if I will even get it started before the new year due to the holidays.

Also, why is no (almost) one blogging anymore?  Did everyone go to Facebook? I am only keeping Facebook to check in with Deanna because that’s what she uses the most but I can’t keep up on everyone with Facebook.  It is just too busy for me!


3 thoughts on “Fall is on it’s way!”

  1. I am not sure about wordpress. It seems a bit more Professional and less like a “diary”/journal..a lot more editing and options which I guess if you are a schmancy fancy type of person it works but i dunno. Still playing around with it. …:) I don’t know how to do faves yet so I didn’t know you were doing wordpress so now I have you bookmarked on my “bookmarks”.. Sounds like you are creative and sewing/crafting and stuff just like your mom. I am ssssssooooooo not into crocheting. Gives me tendonitis and a bad mood. 🙂 lol…… I told gma I was “DONE” and meant forever when I said it after my laughable hat and a washcloth…um a square. 🙂

    anyway, what about a little “glow in the dark” type thing for Gavin for school for his pocket so he can focus on that instead of being intimidated he will focus on the “light”……. i dunno. I remember not liking my “kindergarten” bathroom. It had a stop sign that flipped over to a go sign. I always thought someone would flip it over and I always felt like I couldn’t go….kinda weird, but definitely an intimidating, early memory…..

    love’s n hugs……I go to facebook since thats where everyone seems to hang and I love frontierville 🙂 ….

    miss you!! happy pumpkin seeds and carving days! mmmmmmmm candy!!!!!!

    1. I finally figured out that I need to go to and sign in to be able to edit- duh! Also, it’s not favorites on wordpress it’s subsribing to them when you visit they’re page. It’s been a bit of a pain but I think I am getting the hang of it. Want to see if there is a way to add pictures still though.

  2. Hi Sis,
    I just read your last 2 blogs and subscribed to your space. Please subscribe to mine as well and I will make attempt to blog once in a while just for you since you hate Facebook and to say more than a couple sentences for the family to read about once in awhile too.

    Gavin makes me think of this one daughter I had who hated public bathrooms when she was young. It didn’t matter where they were or what they were like either. So, I think he gets that very naturally from his Mama. 🙂 I am glad the kids are all enjoying school. I hope

    Lucas will pick up and get with the program with his academics because his life will be so much easier if he does but I am glad he is liking middle school otherwise. I am really surprised about

    Libby being so quiet at school. I expect that will pass. She is such an outgoing little thing.

    I am really sorry Eric’s schooling did not work out. God willing all will be for the best and maybe he can go next year or another even better door will open for him.

    I love you. Mom

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