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An update

Well I wonder how this WordPress will work compared to Windows Live blogging?  I hope it’s focused on blogging and not as busy as Facebook.  I miss being able to keep up on blogs.

Anyways, here is my update.  My cat got out a week ago and has not come home so I am afraid that I may be catless now.  She is NOT an outdoor cat at all and I don’t know if she could survive.

Hubby starts classes tonight and will be done with them in May.  It may be tough at times but I know he can do it!  Please keep him in your prayers.

I am doing good, have lost about 25 pounds since New Years and feel great!  Give up soda mostly, drink water, eat less (especially at night) and exercise.  Put it all together and I feel great!

Please leave a comment if you read this so I know that it is being read.  Thank you and God bless!


1 thought on “An update”

  1. So glad to read that you and the family are doing well! Seems like everyone is on Facebook these days, so there’s your answer from my side of things! I peeked at your pictures on Facebook, the kids are just gorgeous and so big!! Is Lucas taller than you yet? Zak has passed me by an inch and a half now (and 40 pounds). He’s a big dude for 13!!


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