Ahhh school sweet school

Well, it’s officially school time again and all my kids go to school this year!  Deanna is living with her mom and she started school a few weeks ago. The kids at home all have different schedules, Lucas goes Monday -Friday, Gavin goes Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday and Liberty goes half days Tuesday – Friday! They all like school and I am so happy for that! Lucas stayed home sick today, he has a nasty cold that sounds really bad so I said stay home and keep your sick germs contained to your bed! I let him lay on the couch the first half of the day while the other kids were in school but after he had lunch I banished him to his bed and then I Lysoled the whole couch and the remote!
Eric starts his classes for becoming a police officer on the 28th of this month!  He will have classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings that are 4 hours long each.  Then on Saturdays he has one class that is an average of 8 hours long! That schedule will last him till the middle of May! He will be a tired man maybe but I think he can do it!

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