An update

Well, the surgery went well and I got my stitches out yesterday.  Once the steri strips fall off I will get a better look at weather or not I will have a belly button.  Still limited on my weight lifting (nothing more thatn a gallon of milk) for another two weeks but then after that nothing over two gallons of milk for at least a month maybe two! It means I can’t pick up my kids for a while longer but that could be a good thing.
Also, I did a really neat and green thing.  I took Gavin’s old (black) backpack and added a lot of pink detail to it to make it girly for Liberty! I will text the pictures to my facebook photos so you can take a look if you want.  It is so cute, cost $0.00 and was easier than I thought it would be!
There are also a couple of pictures of Liberty in her party dress from her birthday! Yes, she is three now!

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