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Well it is 10:00am and I am frustrated!  My computer is dead(ish).  My motherboard is dead.  I don’t have the money for a new computer and relpacing that one would be the same cost apparantly so I am using ‘The Dinosaur’ for now.  It is incredably SLOW but it works.  I don’t go on-line as much with that computer because it is one where you click on something walk away and then come back to see if the page is done loading or not.
I won’t be uploading as many pictures as I would like to because this ‘The Dinosaur’ has no memoryy card slots and I don’t have an adapter to plug it into a USB slot.  I do have a bluetooth dongle so I can bluetooth pictures from my phone to the Dinosaur but they aren’t as good quality and it takes a while.
Kids are doing good.  A bit noisy but isn’t that what kids are supposed to be?
I am doing good. Went to the Dr. the other day and found out I have an umbilical hernia and will need surgery but it is very common and no big deal.  Caused by pregnancy and obesity generally and it being that I am not overweight and I’ve birthed three kids that this is, yet another way, that my kids have ruined my body. 🙂
Well, got to go be start being productive so I will blog more later.  God Bless and may you have a smile on your face.

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