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Well, it has been a while since I last blogged.  Been busy and HOT here.  Ky is here for the month and having a good time.  Jenna decided not to stay.  She didn’t want to be away from her mom for long.  She remindes me of my Sister, she was that way too when we were little.
We got back yesterday from a fun camping trip with my aunt and uncle, Eric, Lucas Gavin, Liberty, Ky, myself and smokey the dog.  The boys caught around a hundred craw-dad’s this weekend and got to cook them and eat them.  They love them!  We all had a real good time this weekend.
Oh-ya, I learned how to swim two weeks ago!!!!!  I definetly need more practice though.  So I planned on practicing this weekend when we were camping but there was so many people there I opted to put on the life jacket and swim around.  I also went at dusk and the water was so warm it was awesome!
We have a big (annuall) family camp trip next weekend at Lost Creek and Ky is coming with us to that too.  We will be home on Sunday and then I have to have the boys at the Applegate Church by 10:00 am on Monday moring to go to Explorer Camp at Lake of the Woods till Friday.  The boys will be camping for over a third of this month!
Well, that is it for now, hope to see more blogging soon.  Stay cool…

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