Faith, Family, Holiday

Happy Fathers Day

For Fathers Day today Eric went out in the canoe with Lucas, Gavin and his brother, Steve.  Gavin was the only one who caught a fish too!
Nancy, my aunt-in-law, myself and Liberty headed out this morning to go to Gold Beach to cook breakfast for her dad.  It was a nice drive and it was Liberty’s first time seeing the ocean and she said “I like my ocean” when she saw it.  On the way home the fuel pump in the jeep started to go out so it was a bumpy, jerky, long trip home.  But we prayed and God got us home safely!
Called Jim to tell him happy Fathers Day and found out that Jackie was staying there for a while.    Then went on-line to check out the bank account balance because Eric said that when he went to get money out it said a balance of $0!  Well, it looks like someone charged over $600. to my bank account through I-tunes, which I don’t have an account with.  So, needless to say, I am heading down to the bank in the morning to get this figured out!
Well that is all for now, less than two weeks till I see my sister and Jenna and Ky stay with me for a while!  I can’t wait!!!!
OK, well, that IS all for now so enjoy the weather and God Bless!

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