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It is quiet!

Summer vacation has started and I am missing two of my kids but enjoying the quiet as well.  Deanna has left to go to her moms and won’t be back for over a month.  Lucas went camping with some friends of ours last thursday and won’t be back till Monday or Tuesday.  Eric is heading outside to work on his truck and taking Gavin with him.  Liberty is crawling around waiting for me to get her a new skirt and get her lunch out of her hair.
I am enjoying the weather too, Summer has finally arrived!  I had to pick off over half leaves on most of my roses because they all got black leaf rot or whatever it is called.  They look bad 😦  My flower bed has suffered greatly because of the lack of summer and all the rain.  I have asked around and lots of people say their roses are sick like mine.  Well that’s all for now, I have to go get more vitamins and Eric’s chew.  Have a blessed week and remember to sunblock.

3 thoughts on “It is quiet!”

  1. Happy Summer Shelly and there is so much moisture this year, just cut those babies back a little and they will be great!love you tons and miss you too 🙂

  2. I was commenting that I have a new cool flower I have no idea what it is……but it too is getting rained out….Glad you had a veryyy quiet day. They are NICE….IIIII know. lol…..hugs and loves!!! Is this short enough???LOL

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