an update

Well here goes.  I went to the Dr and here is what happened.  She gave me a memory test and I was in the normal range.  So she gave me a depression questionare and I fell into the normal range but I mentioned how I get overwhelmed/frustrated easier and more often.  So she then gave me an exam to test my balance, reaction etc…  She also ordered a blood test to check my B-12, thyroid and general blood workup.  B-12 and thyroid are fine so she decided that since I mentioned my frustration along with a bump up in the questionaire when it came to anxiety that she thinks anti-anxiety meds are what I need.  She said that sometimes the brain can refuse to show frustration and anxiety and it will act like: I will forget this to make up for this.  It makes alot more since when I explain it in person.  She did tell me that if things suddenly get worse to call her and she would send me to a neurologist.  Wierd thing?  My blood test.  my platelets were low by my standards and so was my white blood cell count.  So I called my hematologist to inform him and suprise my platlets that were at 93,000 had been at 120,000 three weeks ealier.  120,000 suprised me because I haven’t been that high in years!  Also mentioned my white blood cell count and low and behold, my white blood cell count is always low too!
So in a few weeks I have a follow up with my Dr. and am now on anti-depressents, again.
So that’s the update, medicated with weird blood!

2 thoughts on “an update”

  1. That I need to get checked again in 4 weeks and that I may need to be ‘poked’ more often then I am currently (every 3 months).

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