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Ah, life

 Well, please keep me in your prayers.  I have a Dr’s appt. this Thursday because I am getting way forgetful and have even had a few times that I forgot how to do something (make the van go, put on my bra, etc…) and it freaked me out pretty bad.  Needless to say Eric said he is even concerned so my appointment is for Thursday morning.
Deanna is doing good, stayed late at school today to help with yearbook.
Lucas is graduating grade school in two weeks.  Before that he has a pride assembly where he will get a medal for his reading, a field trip, field day and a dentist appointment.  He is going to be a busy boy for a couple of weeks.
Gavin had his kindergarten round-up and then he had his IEP meeting at school.  He will continue to get 20 minutes a week of speech therapy once he starts kindergarten.  Madrona also had there spring carnival last week so I took the boys.  Lucas hung out with friend, climbed the rock wall and kicked butt at the cakewalk.  Gavin played the fishing game, dart game, and other things and now, due to being at the school so much lately and the carnival, he can’t wait to go there next year!  Gavin also has a class party and graduation party next week as well as his 5th birthday!
Liberty got accepted into Early Head Start for next fall!  We have her evaluation/paperwork appointment next week.  She will turn 3 the day before the cut-off!  She will probably be the youngest but I think she will thrive in preschool, plus; I might get time during the week when I can clean the bathroom and not worry about the fumes, or actually mop!
Eric is doing good.  He just found out that the place he is working had to do some cuts.  They had to lay-off some people but he wasn’t one of them!  He will be getting 4 hours less a week but hey, at least it’s a job!
Maybe this dreaded rain will stop and summer will start before long!  Hope you have a good memorial day and have at least one good family BBQ!

3 thoughts on “Ah, life”

  1. You are in my prayers always, niece!! Are you taking vitamins? Something we women really need to do, but dont…..hope its something minor. So cool all the kids happenings…you’re a busy mama! Liberty and preschool: they grow sooo fast! Thank God that Eric is still working: 4 hrs less is 4 hrs at home with the kiddos to give Mom a break!! Have a safe Memorial Weekend, and keep us posted on the dr happenings…luv you!

  2. hey i got here Shellyit would not let me beforelove you praying for you!are you drinking water? and sleeping enough 2 major needs of our bodies – believe mei know — i forget how I know :-)love ya

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