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Grrr… Liberty is in stubborn-fit-throwing-top-of-my-lungs-and-I-refuse-to-be-happy,-quiet,-or-whatever-my-mom-wants-me-to-be-mood!  She has been this way for two days now and it is getting really irritating.  If that’s not bad enough, when ever she starts up Gavin starts throwing a fit saying “She’s too loud” and then he starts whining and crying too.  I just keep reminding myself that Liberty’s terrible two’s will pass, and keep telling myself that one day Gavin will realize that his fits don’t make the house any quieter.
Lucas is good.  He turned 11 last week and he had a great birthday.  He had a few friends over along with some family.  It was perfect weather and the kids had lots of fun.
Deanna is doing good.  She is nearing the end of her sophomore year in high school if you can believe that!
Eric is working full time and it is a true blessing!  He is waiting now for the interview for the deputy program.
I am doing good.  Been working out on the Wii pretty regularly.  If you have a Wii get the Wii Fit Plus!  It really kicks my butt when I challenge myself but it is fun too!  It’s great for all ages and I love it!
Sorry I took so long to blog, and God Bless!

2 thoughts on “life”

  1. Does Liberty have all her teeth? If its two days….terrible twos or not….smell her ears and make sure no infection in there! I do remember those chosen few of mine and their terrible twos, but usually theres a BIT of a break, unless somethins not right!! Give my great niece a bear hug from Aunt Shawn!! Wish I were there to give you a lil break~has spring sprung there yet? Take em outside….toss a ball….if all else fails, you’ll FEEL like you got a break!

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