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Another week has passed

Not much has changed here.  Eric started his job and I am happy to say that he has dream hours.  He will be home in the evenings and on the weekends!  Also, the Company he works for is very green, which I like.  Deanna went to prom last weekend with a friend and had a lot of fun.  I will post a picture of her later.  Lucas is on a field trip today, fishing at Lake Selmac! Gavin has his parent/teacher conference tonight and Liberty is being a cutie.  Last night she and Gavin came out of the room and Liberty had no pants on, her heavy coat and her dress up high heels and Gavin had on his coat and shoes.  When I asked them where they were going they said to a dance party.  I will put a picture of that in my photo album later too.
Mmmm, my house smells yummy!  I have two big loaves of Amish/friendship bread in the oven.  I subbed some of the oil for ground flaxseed to make it a bit healthier this time and I also used banana, instead of vanilla, pudding and crasins!  I can’t wait!
Well, that is all for now, I hope you all get to have a wonderful weekend, I will because we are supposed to get sunny and warm!  I will blog again next week and Aunt Tami, you are in my prayers.

2 thoughts on “Another week has passed”

  1. I just realized that I don’t have a recent picture of Lucas so you will have to wait to see his handsome face…

  2. That bread sounds DELISH!! How I’d luv to pop over for some hot with butter and a cup of tea… glad that you’re back….I have missed your news niece!! Luv you!

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