I am back with a link to the past

Hi all!  I am back and very excited to be able to blog again!  First off is a link to my old space: http://shellyisme.spaces.live.com/
Now, I plan on making a blog at least once a week and I challenge everyone to do the same!  I will be back and do an actuall blog as soon as I have my page set up!

3 thoughts on “I am back with a link to the past”

  1. 🙂 glad to see you back. This is my fave place to come. I really don’t like facebook. I just pop in and see whats going on. I’m really finicky about personal stuff on the internet……hence, "boop nunyabizness" title. 🙂 hee hee Anyhoo…..I (as long as I can afford the internet…lol……accept your blogging challenge!! love you hugs

  2. I agree, This is my favorite place to come too. I like the way it’s like writing letters to everyone vs the two sentence updates that get passed by if everyone is doing them.

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